Real Food

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is an awesome new show. Someone is finally telling us what is in our food and how terrible it is for us.

The first few episodes were actually really sad because no one seems to be on Jamie’s team – people love ignorance.  But I’m hopeful. Maybe we’ll see some good come out of his efforts in the next few weeks.

Michael and I have jumped onto the natural food bandwagon and we are loving it. Processed foods are starting to gross us out and we’re feeling better about the way we eat – less things out of a box and more things from the produce section. (And NO processed chicken nuggets…thank you Jamie Oliver)

I love natural peanut butter, I’m learning to cook all kinds of fresh veggies, and margarine (a.k.a. one molecule away from plastic) sounds gross to me now. Real butter – love it.

There is just one (un-natural) thing that I can’t get rid of – Coke. I realize that Coke has the power to take rust off of metal and literally dissolve teeth. There is no ‘natural’ version of Coke, but there is definitely no replacement for the way it tastes either.

I have read that some of the harmful side-effects that come with drinking soda are mostly seen in people that drink it regularly (daily). That is the one fact that helps me sleep at night (yes – I realize that is probably a little dramatic), since I ususally only drink a few Cokes a week. As long as I’m not one of those daily drinkers I should be fine, right?

At least it’s more ‘natural’ than Diet Coke. Right Jamie?


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