An Update

I don’t have any interesting stories, fun pictures, or exciting news to share. Just an update.

So far I’m enjoying pregnancy.

Although most people are still saying that I don’t look pregnant, trust me, I am. I’m starting to show a little, but it’s still sort of hard to tell. I would show you a picture, but it’s that awkward “is she pregnant or just gaining weight” picture. No need for that.

I haven’t been sick at all, just tired and hungry. After 12 weeks the tiredness went away for the most part and so did some of the hunger. They say your appetite picks up in the second trimester, but I ate a whole lot more during the first 12 weeks.

I’m 19 weeks today, which means we get to find out the gender next week! I think that’s when it will feel real.

Speaking of feeling – I’ve been feeling the baby kick a lot. At first I couldn’t tell, but as the baby gets bigger (an estimated half pound at this point), the movements are getting stronger.

I found out today that redness in my hands is attributed to pregnancy. I have noticed a lot of weirdness in the past 4 months, but redness in the hands is by far the most random.

As time goes by and my belly grows it’s starting to seem more and more real, but I still cannot imagine what life is going to look like in March.


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