Just A Few Short Weeks

Time is flying by and I CANNOT believe the due date is just 4.5 weeks away!

The crib is all put together thanks to Michael and Micah and we have all kinds of new clothes and things for her room thanks to baby showers thrown by amazing friends and family!

So, while we slowly get her room and all of her things organized, she continues to grow. Here is the most recent picture of her growth:

In other news:

When Michael and I talked about having kids one day we always mentioned that we’d get a nice camera before that day came. It was sort of a deadline we made for ourselves in order to get great photos of little ones.

I kind of forgot about this ‘deadline’, but Michael had not. He surprised me at Christmas with the coolest camera I’ve ever held – I cried when I realized that he remembered our ‘deadline’ and that we would have this amazing camera for baby girl’s arrival.

Can’t wait to start taking pictures in a few weeks!


1 Response to “Just A Few Short Weeks”

  1. 1 jenny January 30, 2011 at 7:42 am

    i can’t wait to hold her! i hope she has really chubby cheeks like her friend jonathan!

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