I Almost Forgot I Even Had a Blog

The last time I updated this blog Caroline was not even 3-years-old. She’s now 4 and a half. And she has a little brother…. Oops.

I don’t think I could or should write about ALL the events of the last two years, so maybe we should just start with Judson’s birth. Judson was born in June, 2014 and was the first of our family to be born outside of Georgia (his very own little Smith claim to fame).

Smith Party of Four

He came a few days after his due date (12 to be exact), but when he did come, he came quickly. Only 4 hours of labor…praise the Lord! He has been the sweetest,cuddliest, smiliest, best-sleeping baby in all the land. Here are a few highlights from his first year.

IMG_8335 IMG_8444 IMG_8472 IMG_8485

IMG_9440 IMG_9498



He learned to crawl around 7 months, walk at 11 months, and talk around…well…talk is…slow. Typical boy.

Caroline has been a huge help and she even said today “I’m so glad I get to have my baby brother”. They are starting to play well together, and I am so proud of their sweet friendship.

And now I feel bad that I summed up his whole life in one blog post…poor second kid.

We had a really great, super busy summer. We had lots of family and friends come to visit (so thankful for that), and we got to do a little vacationing. We spent a week exploring Seattle and a few days exploring San Francisco (thanks to Michael’s new job – another big change in the last 6 months). Both were amazing trips and we feel thankful to have a whole other side of the country to explore.

One more big update from the summer is our new church home! God provided a new place for us to build community with some amazing people and we have been soaking up new friendships for the past few months.

Caroline started pre-kindgarten in a little preschool down the street. It’s right next to a city park and they go to the playground twice every day. She is getting to be a pro on the monkey bars. Her teacher has told me twice now how much she loves to sing. Yes, yes, we are very aware of her love of singing. So are our neighbors…

It’s difficult to sum up almost 2 years in one blog post (especially when it includes a new baby). I hate that I’ve missed so many little things along the way (although that is why I LOVE instagram), and my little family is growing way too fast so I will try to get better about updating more often.


1 Response to “I Almost Forgot I Even Had a Blog”

  1. 1 Amy Bangsund October 15, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    I’m glad you remembered that you have a blog. I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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