An October Update

Would you Back to writing and it’s only one month-ish later instead of two years later. Progress.

Judson is picking up more words and they actually sound pretty good sometimes. My new favorites are ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’. Pretty much the sweetest words I can think of, especially since Caroline has been calling us Mom and Dad for a couple of years now. He’s trying to mimic what we say, but a lot of times it sounds nothing like what we’re saying. Example: Our friend Abbey tries to get him to say Abbey one syllable at a time. He’ll say ‘ahh’ and then ‘bee’, but when it’s time to put them together and say ‘Abbey’ it comes out ‘beepa’. Weird.


A few weeks ago was our favorite annual pumpkin carving contest with the Hankins. They started this tradition years ago in Georgia, but it’s still going strong in PDX. This was our third year and it’s getting bigger and better every time. Of course it was supposed to rain so we got a tent and made it work. The rain held off for most of the party and lots of friends and neighbors joined us. We are so thankful to have friends to share the fun with us.




Halloween was a blast this year. The rain tried to stop us, but we’re Portlanders now and a little bit whole lot of rain doesn’t stop us anymore. We went to a friends house to eat and let the kids play while we waited for the rain to slow down a little.  IMG_4876


Judson loved trick-or-treating as much as any kid ever. He giggled as we walked in the rain to each house and when the door opened he tried to grab as much as candy as he could from the bowl. It doesn’t take long to figure out free candy.



Even soaking wet, he was pretty cute checking out his stash.

One of my favorite things this October was our neighbor, Sally. Sally let Caroline help her grow pumpkins in her yard and then let Caroline pick out her favorite one to keep. Of course she chose the biggest one – it had to be brought over to our house in a wheel barrow. If there is one thing I could say about our neighbors it’s that they love our kids really well.


So many things to be thankful for and lots more to come. Visiting family in Georgia is going to be a huge highlight for November!


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