Holidays and Snow Days

Thanksgiving was quite the adventure this year. In the best way. It was busy and exhausting, but time with family was worth all the crazy travel.

We got to spend time in Atlanta and Stone Mountain with cousins. Caroline was so excited to see her cousins that you would have thought she was on a permanent sugar high…which is mostly not true.  Those four girls have so much fun together and we miss not being with them all the time. But THANKFUL for the time we get.

The next part of the trip was spent in North Carolina with my side of the family. Lots of food, some family that Judson got to meet for the first time, and Pieface.

Caroline didn’t get hit with “pie” until Michael got hit and “shared” with her all over her face. She loved it. Judson had that nervous look on his face the entire time. What are these people doing?!

Speaking of Judson being nervous, Santa pictures failed miserably. Unless you like the whole crying-kids-with-Santa thing, then it was a great success.

Merry Christmas. Love, Judson.

After the Santa incident we ended up having a great Christmas! Judson got a basketball hoop, which he affectionately calls “hoop”, and Caroline got her first bike. They also got a few things from family that I’m still hoping to find space for in our tiny garage/playrooom. But of all the things…they are really enjoying this one huge box. I don’t think they would say the box is their favorite Christmas gift, but if time spent is any indication, the box wins.

And THEN…there was a snow day.


Tomorrow is back to real life and a regular schedule. Bring it, 2016.


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