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Catching Up

photo 2

This is the view from our front porch today. No big deal except for the blue sky and sun which we’ve been told rarely makes an appearance in the middle of winter. Not sure if this is bad news for a sunny summer, but we have been pleasantly surprised by the awesome weather the past few weeks. Even though I would say we’ve seen plenty of rain since we moved to Portland, people are talking like it’s a drought.


Lots to catch up on around here. Baby C is no longer a baby! She will be 3 in a little over a month and she started preschool this morning. She loved every minute and can’t wait to go back.

Caroline has also been enjoying her new Christmas loot, including a tricycle that she loves and this enormous doll house from her Papa J and Nana. She is clearly living the life. She’s also really excited to be a big sister! Getting in lots of practice already – feeding her baby dolls and teaching them to play piano.





We are so thankful for this joy-filled, hilarious, active, sweet, soon-to-be 3-year-old. She has adapted perfectly to OR thanks to our faithful Father and we are loving watching her grow in our new city.


3 Minutes With Caroline

After an exciting first birthday party this weekend, Caroline has been sleeping a lot, playing with new toys, and getting into everything…of course. I followed her around with the camera for no more than 3 minutes today. This is what I captured:

Playing her new piano.

Sitting with Cooper.

Scaring Cooper.

Closing doors.

Finding a snack on the stairs.

Eating the found snack.

‘Smiling’ for the camera.

Finding a new place to finish her snack.

Whew! That was a busy 3 minutes.

A Milestone

6 months.

That’s how many months Caroline has been here.

I’m shocked by that.

She has become super mobile and she’s getting a little difficult to keep up with. I love it.

I’m really sad that summer is over. It’s my favorite time of year, and it was fantastic watching Caroline experience all new kinds of fun.

Eating real food, swimming, and climbing everything.

So far, 6 months is my favorite.

My New Life

Isn’t she amazing?!

I can’t even really describe what my life has been like over the past two months, but I’ll try. Hectic, exciting, confusing, fun – a total whirlwind.

If I had to describe what we’ve learned about her so far so far she is sleepy, super happy, and a little sneezy. Sounds like I’m naming the 7 dwarfs…

We’ve spent the past two months introducing Caroline to our little world. She’s been to our favorite restaurants, stores, parks, and visited some of our favorite people. The goal this summer is to do lots of exciting things with her for the first time. First up: swimming!

I feel like I’m living a whole new life and I love it!

The First Three Weeks

Caroline is three weeks old today and we have learned A LOT in these three short weeks. A LOT.

Here is what I’ve learned:

1. Caroline is amazing. She is perfectly healthy and happy and we are in love.

2. Newborn babies require a lot of diapers. Sometimes 4 within 15 minutes:

3. Michael is great at changing diapers. Really fast – maybe a little too fast.

4. Baby poop can be projectile. I have heard of projectile vomit or projectile spit up before, but I have now learned that it is possible for poop to shoot across the room as well.

5. Baby poop is difficult to remove from carpet. See #4 above.

6. A large percentage of the conversation in my life is now about baby poop.

7. Leaving the house is now a luxury.

8. Caroline is Houdini when it comes to swaddling. She can get her hands out of even the tightest of wrapping jobs.

9. The pacifier is my friend.

10. It is possible to do all kinds of things with one hand. (example: typing this blog post)

These past three weeks have been a whirlwind, but it has been unreal to be able to get to know Caroline and watch her grow (even just a little bit). I have learned that Michael is an AMAZING dad and I absolutely love watching him take care of her get to know her.

It’s a whole new world and we are loving it!