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Catching Up

photo 2

This is the view from our front porch today. No big deal except for the blue sky and sun which we’ve been told rarely makes an appearance in the middle of winter. Not sure if this is bad news for a sunny summer, but we have been pleasantly surprised by the awesome weather the past few weeks. Even though I would say we’ve seen plenty of rain since we moved to Portland, people are talking like it’s a drought.


Lots to catch up on around here. Baby C is no longer a baby! She will be 3 in a little over a month and she started preschool this morning. She loved every minute and can’t wait to go back.

Caroline has also been enjoying her new Christmas loot, including a tricycle that she loves and this enormous doll house from her Papa J and Nana. She is clearly living the life. She’s also really excited to be a big sister! Getting in lots of practice already – feeding her baby dolls and teaching them to play piano.





We are so thankful for this joy-filled, hilarious, active, sweet, soon-to-be 3-year-old. She has adapted perfectly to OR thanks to our faithful Father and we are loving watching her grow in our new city.


Mt. Hood Adventures

Winter is not my cup of tea, but I could handle a day like this every now and then. It was perfect. Blue skies, a small hill at the bottom of a big mountain, and some snow (really exciting stuff for these southerners).


We headed to Mt. Hood (a little over an hour away) and found tons of areas that offer sledding and skiing, but not too much snow yet. There was one ski resort open, but we ended up using a hill we found at a resort that hasn’t opened yet. It was Caroline’s first snow adventure and she loved it (although we had to leave before she ATE all of the snow on the hill…).






We are so glad to have Micah here for Thanksgiving, especially Caroline. She loves having an extra playmate around.



Jacob did not hold back when it came to sledding. He made ramps that sent him flying over fallen logs.






Snowball fights and igloos were highlights of the day.




Caroline tried so hard to get in on the snowball action, but they kept sticking to her gloves.



Eating snow in the igloo…



Exciting and exhausting day, but we are so thankful to have our closest friends to take on new adventures with in Portland!

Portland is Home

We have lived in Portland for exactly one week. So far, it’s exactly what I thought it would be. Amazing.

The problem is that it feels a lot like vacation and not a lot like real life just yet. Our house is coming together – thanks to the Hankins’ for helping us unpack and get settled. The restaurants have been incredible – it is seriously difficult not to go out to eat every meal. And we are loving our neighborhood. We can walk to the grocery store, the library, tons of restaurants, and an AMAZING taco food truck. $2 pulled pork tacos. I ate there twice this week.

We got to Portland at exactly the right time. We’ll get to enjoy a little bit of the sun before is goes away until next spring…no joke. We took advantage of the sun and spent Sunday on Sauvie Island┬ávisiting the pumpkin patch and enjoying the perfect weather.


We’re planning to do a pumpkin carving party at the Hankins’ in a few weeks with some neighbors and the kids have invited friends from school. A tradition in Rome will start fresh in Portland!


Caroline found her pumpkin – perfect size!




The skies were completely clear which is a big deal around here. It means you can see the snow-capped mountains that surround the city. Mount┬áSt. Helen’s is one. The picture below doesn’t do it justice.



We’re so excited to learn this city and become real Portlanders!